Alfie 200

Alfie 200 is specially designed to remove contaminants from coolants in smaller systems, using the time-tested technique of centrifugal separation. Alfie 200 is a small, compact unit, mounted on a frame and equipped with a plate that is screwed to the coolant tank. Under the separator is a bellows that automatically adapts the inlet to the level of fluid in the tank. Alfie 200 is extremely easy to use. Anyone can learn all that is needed to operate and maintain Alfie in a few minutes.

Product Description


Thanks to newtive materials and new design solutions, Alfie 200 is truly compact. Total weight, including the stand, is only 14 kg.

Most essential components traditionally manufactured in stainless steel have been replaced by a recently developed tough, durable plastic.

Simple cleaning

It is fast and easy to clean the separator. The casing is lifted off by hand in a few easy movements and the sediment that has been collected on the periphery of the bowl is brushed off.

Technical data


Max. flow 280 l/h (1.2 US gpm)
Average flow 230 l/h (1 US gpm)
Sludge space 0.6 l (0.16 US gal)

Liquid requirements

Separation temperature 5–50°C (40–122°F)
pH-value 6–9
Working range (height of bellows) 100 mm (4″)

Electrical data

50/60 Hz 400/460 V, three-phase
50/60 Hz 200/230 V, three-phase
60 Hz 120 V, single-phase
(±5%) Amperage 10 A


Complete unit* 14 kg (31 lbs) to lift 10 kg (22 lbs)


Height of separator 520 mm (20″)
Mounting plate See illustration
Recommended free space above tank 750 mm (30″)
Min. tank depth 200 mm (8″)