Brew 301 

The use of separators in different brewery applications goes back to the beginning of the 1900’s. Based on the long-term cooperation with the brewery industry, Alfa Laval separators are specially designed for the requirements and demands of this industry.

Product Description


The Brew 301 is designed and optimized for green-beer, beer pre-clarificarion and polishing, with the target to clarify beer with the best performance and yield.


  • High separation efficiency
  • No oxygen pick-up
  • Gentle treatment of the product
  • Low power consumption
  • Complete skid mounted system handling both process and utility requirements.
  • Robust and reliable design


The system consists of a separator, a valve module with valves and components for routing of product and utilities in and out from the separator, as well as control and starter cabinet. All components are mounted on a common skid to  enable plug-and-play installation.

All metallic parts in contact with the process liquid are made of stainless steel. Gaskets and seals in contact with the product are made of FDA approved material and are approved according to food regulations (EC1935/2004).

The separation system is designed for completely automated Cleaning in Place (CIP).

Scope of supply

Skid-mounted disc stack separator with valve module and control system, including:

  • Main process valves of butterfly type
  • Automatic flow regulating valve
  • Counter pressure valve
  • Flow meter of magnetic type
  • Main motor starter with VFD from ABB
  • Control panel with Siemens PLC and HMI
  • Sight glasses for in- and outlet
  • Samples valves for in- and outlet


  • Feed pump
  • Capacity control: Automatic regulation of the flow based on measurements of the feed solid content by inlet turbidity
  • Solids receiving unit: Consists of a collection device and a pump, to remove discharged solids
  • Turbidity monitor for discharge triggering

Working principle

The product enters and leaves the separator via the valve module. The flow rate and the counter pressure in the outlet of the separator are controlled by the process liquid module.

Discharge of solids from the separator bowl is triggered by a turbidity meter, placed in the outlet of the system. The discharged solids are pumped away by the optional solids receiving unit.

The valve module also controls the utility liquids for the separator’s discharge system and for flushing and CIP.