BTPX 305

An outstanding separator system for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The Alfa Laval BTPX range bridges the gap between laboratory and commercial production.

Product Description


The BTPX 305 is a solids-ejecting centrifuge in clarifier, purifier and concentrator execution, equipped with a well-proven, reliable fixed partial solids discharge, which can be initiated by timer, turbidity and/or totalised flowrate. In the clarifier execution the centrifuge is used for removing suspended solids from a liquid, while in the purifier and concentrator execution it is used for removing suspended solids, while separating two intermixed and immiscible liquid phases of different densities. The solids content in the feed is normally in the range of 0.1 – 10% by volume, but can vary between different duties.

Complete separation systems

Alfa Laval has over a hundred years experience in the design and supply of separation equipment. Complete systems, customized for specific applications, can be provided in a compact, fully tested, skid-mounted assembly. For process flow equipment, such as valves and instruments as well as control systems, Alfa Laval use only leading subsuppliers. Many options are available and we are willing to discuss specific requirements.

Standard centrifuge design

The centrifuge consists of a frame that has a horizontal drive shaft, worm gear, lubricating oil bath and vertical bowl spindle in the lower part. The bowl is mounted on top of the spindle, inside the space formed by the upper part of the frame, the ring solids cover, the collecting cover, and the frame hood. The liquid discharge system also rests on this structure. All parts in contact with the process liquid are made of stainless steel. The bowl is of the solids-ejecting disc type with an automatic hydraulic operating system for discharging. It is a so called timer triggered partial discharge system, meaning that only part of the bowl content is emptied during pre set discharge intervals. The discharge takes place at full speed without any interruption of the feed. The centrifuge is equipped with nozzles for flushing of the bowl top and the sediment outlet.

The centrifuge is available with main connections and all utility connections as sanitary clamp type. The electric motor is of integral type with a frequency converter integrated in the motor.

Basic executions

BTPX 305SGD-34CDEP Clarifier. Suspended solids are removed from a liqui

BTPX 305TGD-14/74CDEP Purifier/Concentrator. Suspended solids are removed, while separating two intermixed liquid phases.

Material data

Bowl body, hood and lock ring Stainless steel 1.4462 UNS S31803
Solids cover and frame hood Stainless steel ASME SA-240 S31603
Cyclone Stainless steel ASME SA-240 S31603
Bottom frame Cast grey iron
Inlet and outlet Stainless steel, mostly 1.4401 UNS 31600
Gaskets and O-rings EPDM rubber, viton or nitrile