Alfa Laval SB Tank Pressure Regulator
The Tank Pressure Regulator is typically used on tanks within the brewing industry. The purpose of the regulator is to maintain and regulate top pressure on pressure tanks during filling, processing and emptying.

Product Description

Working principle

The valve unit is supplied with variable setting, the relieving pressure is adjusted to the required working pressure in the tank. When tank top pressure exceeds preset pressure, gas leaves the regulator through the vent port either for atmospheric discharge or for collection. If the tank top pressure decreases, gas is supplied through the gas supply connection at the bottom.

Standard design

The pressure regulator comprises a single valve unit including pressure exhaust valve, pressure supply valve and connection for pressure gauge. On top is a vent port with outlet connection. Tank connection at side branch is normally connected to the pipe leading to the tank top. It is also possible to incorporate the Tank Pressure Regulator in a flow panel.

Technical Data

Nominal                   Pressure             Recommended                            Working Capacity

size                              range                 filling/emptying  speed            of fermentation*

1″                                 0.2-4.0 bar                        25 m³/h                                        100 m³

1½”                             0.2-0.4 bar                         50 m³/h                                        200 m³

2”                                 0.2-4.0 bar                        100 m³/h                                     400 m³

3”                                0.2-4.0 bar                          200 m³/h                                   800 m³

* At max. fermentation rate 2.4 deg. Plato / 24 hrs.

Physical Data


Product wetted steel parts:                  EN 1.4307 (AISI 304L)
Product wetted seals:                           EPDM


Union acc. DIN 11851
Union IDF acc. ISO 2853
Union SMS Swedish Standard Union
Clamp ferrule acc. ISO 2852

Cleaning in place (CIP)

Cleaning of the Tank Pressure Regulator is necessary before the next batch. The Tank Pressure Regulator is incorporated in the tank CIP procedure by means of the CIP adaptor. Before cleaning, the CIP adaptor is mounted on the pressure regulator whereby gas supply valve and pressure relief valve are forced open and fully cleaned in bypass. During the CIP procedure, all functions are blocked. See schematic drawing of the regulator.


Pos. 1: CIP bend
Pos. 2: CIP T-piece
Pos. 3: Protection valve for pressure gauge
Pos. 4: Pressure gauge
Mounting bracket