Fristam Multistage Centrifugal FM Pump
Perfect whenever highly sensitive products must be transported under high pressure. Hygienic, smooth running, robust, easy to maintain, durable, economical. Specifically designed for generating high delivery heads and operating under extreme pressure conditions.

Product Description

For Challenging Applications

Fristam FM pumps can be used under especially difficult conditions of high pressure, e.g. feeding filters, heaters and fillers as well as circulation and pressure boosting in ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems.  All Fristam pumps of the FM series are easy to maintain and very durable.

Specific Construction

The FM are multistage pumps, specifically developed to generate high delivery heads, boosted by several successive pump stages. Adhering to minimal production tolerances throughout our highly precise production process makes the FM series an exceptional product of superb industrial manufacturing.

Technical Details

  • 3 different sizes
  • 2 to 5 stages
  •  Impeller Ø up to 250 mm
  •  Discharge pressures up to 45 bar
  •  Flow rates up to 80 m3/h
  •  Viscosities up to 500 mPa s#

Characteristic Curves