GEA Tuchenhagen Shut-off Valve AV

Aseptic shut-off valves are used for the monitored control of fluids in aseptic processing plants.

A welded stainless steel bellow is used to hermetically seal the product area from outside contamination. This special design and the durable valve seat seal made of Tefasep®, enables optimum process security.

Product Description

Main components

Housings for shut-off valves are available with two or three port connections. The valves are produced with standard butt-weld connections by default. Mixed port connection sizes can be delivered upon request as well as various aseptic pipe connections.

Internal Assembly
The internal assembly is available with a shrunk or screwed valve seat seal. In addition to the standard sealing material Tefasep®, other material options (PTFE, EPDM, Viton® etc.) are available.

The standard version of the pneumatic actuator is designed as spring-closing / air-opening (NC). Other available options include: air-closing / spring-opening (NO), air-closing / air-opening (LL), or with additional seat lifting function (AZ). In addition, the valve is available with a manual actuator (HK).

Due to its solid construction, the GEA Aseptomag clamp enables a pressure stable and safe connection of the main components. The special design with three segments allows a service-friendly handling of the component, even under tight space conditions.

Feedback units
Aseptic shut-off valves can be either equipped with open feedback units or T.VIS®feedback systems by default. Feedback units from third party suppliers can be mounted via specially designed adaptors

Technical Data

Higher closing pressures, other materials, higher surface qualities and higher operating temperatures are available upon request.