INOXPA Divert Seat Valve K
The divert seat valve is a hygienic single seat pneumatically operated valve with a wide range of applications in the food-processing industry, beverage production, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

Product Description


Operating principle

Seat valves are operated automatically by a single-acting or a double-acting pneumatic actuator. By supplying compressed air, the shaft is moved to place the valve in the “open” or “closed” position. The 180º rotation of the pneumatic cylinder of single-acting actuators allows to have a normally open or normally closed valve.

Design and features

  • Compact and robust design.
  • Normally closed valve (NC) in the standard version.
  • The valve can be changed to normally open (NO) by simply reversing the position of the pneumatic actuator.
  • Standard connections: weld (mm or inches).
  • Available sizes: from DN 25 / 1″ to DN 100 / 4″.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly of internal parts by loosening a clamp fastener.
  • Open lantern allows visual inspection of shaft sealing.
  • 360º adjustable body.


Parts in contact with the product                               AISI 316L
Other parts in stainless steel                                       AISI 304
Gasket                                                                              EPDM according to FDA 177.2600
Internal surface finish                                                  Ra ≤ 0,8 μm
External surface finish                                                 bright polish


  • Double-acting pneumatic actuator.
  • Manual actuation.
  • Gaskets: FPM in compliance with FDA 177.2600.
  • Connections: DIN, Clamp, SMS, RJT, FIL-IDF , etc.
  • “Twin-Stop” actuator.
  • C-TOP control unit.
  • External position sensors.
  • Steam barrier (if shaft sterilisation is required).
  • Jacketed body.
  • Surface finish: Ra ≤ 0,5.
  • Material and roughness certificates.

Technical specifications

Various configurations of bodies

Note: Values valid for standard actuators.
For other pressures, bigger actuators can be assembled.
Consult Inoxpa.