INOXPA Pressure-Vacuum Valve 7550
Pressure-vacuum valve is a valve designed to maintain atmospheric pressure inside the tank while it is being filled or emptied. It is widely used in the food-processing, wine-making, cosmetics and chemical industries as well as in the beverage and oil production.

Product Description


Operating principle

The pressure-vacuum valve is designed to breathe in while the tank is being emptied to equal the pressure inside and outside the tank and protect the tank from vacuum. When the tank is being filled, the valve allows air to come out, thus avoiding excess pressure inside the tank which would cause the tank to swell.

Design and features

  • Available sizes: 2″ y 2 ½”.
  • Easy disassembly.
  • Compact design.
  • BSP connections.


Stainless steel parts                               AISI 316L
Spring                                                       AISI 302
Casing                                                       POM
Gasket                                                       NBR

Technical specifications