Pentair Hygienic Balanced Double Seal Valves F269B+

Pentair Hygienic Balanced Double Seal Valves F269B+ are used for mixproof product isolation when safe separation of process and CIP fluids is required.

Product Description

General Applications

  • Dairy factories
  • Breweries and beverage plants
  • Wineries
  • Canneries and food processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing


  • Free draining design, eliminates product puddling and air pockets.
  • Smooth ball shaped bodies, reduces turbulence and improves flow.
  • Smooth internal surfaces for ease of cleaning.


  • Lower balancer for increased product security and reduced water hammer effect.
  • Product contact parts manufactured from high quality 316L or 304L S/S bar.
  • Heavy walled body construction.
  • Semi-bright external surface finish.
  • Compact, light weight design.
  • Heavy duty cast body clamps (bolted type).
  • Various sealing options available.
  • Seat material FPM.
  • Metal plug stop, protects seat seals from wear or damage.
  • Resilient seated for positive isolation.
  • Free draining design, eliminates product puddling and air pockets.
  • Smooth ball shaped bodies, reduces turbulence and improves flow.
  • Smooth internal surfaces for ease of cleaning.
  • Maintenance friendly design.
  • Reversible actuator.
  • Leakage chamber between seals.
  • Clamped body style offers full 360° orientation of actuator.
  • Butt weld end connections (standard). Other end connections available on request.
  • Swage/Crimp type fluid connectors to CIP poppet valves provided with valve.

Pentair Balanced Double Seal Valve is driven by an all stainless steel spring return linear actuator and is configured as standard Spring-To-Close although it can easily be switched to Spring-To-Open if required. The double seal mix-proof valve is designed with a robust one piece fully machined stainless steel body (larger sizes can be fabricated on special request). Along with heavy duty cast body clamps, the valve is capable of withstanding pressure spikes well beyond the recommended maximum 10 bar pressure rating – conventional unbalanced double seal valves are vulnerable to uncontrollable pressure spikes within the process. When air pressure is applied to the cylinder, two small pneumatic normally open (NO) poppet valves (a leak detecting and a CIP valve) instantly close and the main valve plug moves through its entire stroke changing the valve from the closed to open position.

When the air is removed or vented from the cylinders the main valve closes, causing the two smaller valves to open, thereby venting and draining the leakage chamber to atmosphere. With the main valve in the closed position the leakage chamber can be flushed with water or CIP to clean away product residues. While the balanced double seal valve is in the closed position, one side of the valve can be CIP cleaned while product remains on the other side fully protected from possible contamination by the double seals and leakage chamber.

Fields of application

Pentair Balanced Double Seal Valves are used to control mix-proof process or CIP fluids in the food processing, canneries, wineries, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries. The double seal valves can be easily automated with the Pentair Easymind Electronic Control Top.


  • Upper balancer
  • Mirror polished internals
  • Clamp and thread end connections
  • Booster / Damper / 3-Position actuator
  • Quick release body clamps

Technical data

Working temperature: -5 to +100˚C (-5 to 120˚C for static condition)

Sterilizing temperature: Up to 140˚C for 30 min’s (steam for static position)

Maximum pressure, valve body: 10bar fluid pressure

Maximum pressure, valve seat: See separate plug lifting chart

Minimum pressure: Full vacuum

Operating air pressure: 4 to 8bar max.

Air connections: R⅛” (BSP)

Surface finish: Internal < 0.8 Ra, external hairline/ buffed

Length tolerance between ends: 0.5mm ~ ±1.0mm

Parallelism or squareness of ends: 0.5° or less

Technical Specification

Pentair Keystone Balanced Double Seal Valve F269B+ Technical Specification

Parts List

No. Description Material Standards
1 Body 316L S/S, 304L S/S ASTM A276
2 Plug/shaft 316L S/S ASTM A276
3 Seat seal EPDM, NBR, PTFE, FKM FDA
4 CIP/leak detect valves 316L S/S ASTM A276
5 Body seal EPDM, NBR, FKM FDA
6 Stem seal Santoprene® EPDM, NBR, FKM FDA
7 Shaft bush PTFE, UHMWPE Commercial
8 Body clamp 304 CF8 S/S ASTM A743 CF8
9 Actuator assembly 304 S/S Various
10 Sight housing 304 CF8 S/S ASTM A743 CF8
11 Bottom cover T304 ASTM A276
12 Balancer guide PETP Commercial
13 Balancer seal EPDM, NBR, FKM FDA
14 Balancer shaft 316L S/S ASTM A276

Dimensions (mm)

Size Inch OD Size 


ØA x t Inch OD ØA x t Metric ØD H H1 H2 H3 Inch OD H3 Metric H4 H5 L1 L2
1.0” 025 25.4 x 1.6 29.5 x 1.6 102 352 6.0 277 55.0 54.0 46.0 45.5 55 98
1.5” 040 38.1 x 1.6 41.5 x 1.6 102 389 14.0 314 74.5 73.5 58.7 75.0 68 112
2.0” 050 50.8 x 1.6 53.5 x 1.6 102 436 25.3 336 77.0 76.0 75.0 81.3 68 112
2.5” 065 63.5 x 1.6 69.5 x 1.6 141 557 38.0 436 92.5 91.5 86.7 103.0 84 127
3.0” 080 76.2 x 1.6 84.5 x 1.6 141 586 38.0 458 109.0 108.0 102.0 107.0 84 127
4.0” 100 101.6 x 1.6 103.5 x 1.6 168 700 39.0 558 141.0 140.0 130.5 123.0 99 142
5.0” 125 129.0 x 2.0 130.0 x 2.0 219 762 50.0 413 156.0 155.0 185.0 150.0 128 171
6.0” 150 152.4 x 2.0 155.0 x 2.0 219 762 50.0 413 156.0 155.0 185.0 150.0 128 171

NOTE: Metric bodies are created from standard Inch OD bodies by fitting eccentric reducers. Santoprene® is the registered trademark of Exxon Mobil.

Air Consumption for Single Acting Actuators (liters of free air)

  Valve size (actuator size)
Supply pressure bar/(psi) 025-040 (100S) 050-065 (100) 080-100 (140) 100* (170) 125-150 (200)
4.1 (60) 0.89 1.23 3.28 4.71 8.94
6.2 (90) 1.25 1.72 4.60 6.60 12.54
8.3 (120) 1.61 2.21 5.92 8.50 16.14

* (Option)
100 size valves can also be fitted with the Model 170 actuator as an option. This will boost the pressure holding power if required

Recommended Seat Flushing CIP Flow/Velocity Information

With the main valve in the closed position, it is recommended the leakage chamber be flushed with water or CIP solutions to clean away any product residues after each valve operation. Also for most effective clean, the main valve should be pulsed open during entire systems cleaning cycle.

CIP flow rate: 3.5 – 4.0l/min at 1.5bar inlet pressure

CIP velocity: 1.5m/s (minimum)

Valve Type

Pentair Keystone Balanced Double Seal Valve F269B+ Valve Config

3-Position Actuator

The 3-position actuator can be used to provide a mid-position for an adjusted flow control at any position throughout the valves entire stroke. For example on dosing or filling to give optional full flow or partial flows, for topping up, or varying flow between product or CIP duties.

Booster Actuator

The booster/damper actuator can be used where extra force is required to hold seal tightness under extra high line pressures, or for opening valves against high line pressures.

Position Sensors

Standard Ø18mm barrel type proximity sensors can be center mounted, in the special slot provided within the sighthousing cone, and a target can be easily fitted to the plug shaft.

Selections Guide

Pentair Keystone Balanced Double Seal Valve F269B+ Selection Guide