SÜDMO Control Valves
Control Valve Range Südmo Select offers an extensive component solution for all common control processes in the beverage, food, dairy, brewery, winery and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Description


  • Aseptic valve option with P³ diaphragm
  • Regulation with linear or equal percentage control plug (can also be exchanged for one another subsequently)
  • As standard there are three different KV values available per nominal diameter (further KV values on request)
  • Subsequent modification of KV values by replacing plug and seat possible (for this separable connections must be provided on all connection ports)
  • Control plug with or without tight closure function (metal seat or o-ring sealing)
  • High precision membrane actuator with electropneumatic position controller
  • SVP standard actuator with “8692” control head (cost-effective alternative to the membrane actuator)
  • “8692” control head can also be used with the optional PID-Controller in standalone operation e.g. in connection with a temperature or flow rate meter

Pentair Südmo has not only designed a manually operated Control Valve, but also a membrane operated Control Valve for extremely exact processes that have to be controlled quickly, such as inline dosing of concentrates. We also offer Pentair Südmo Control Valves with SVP actuator and a digital control top as an economical alternative to membrane actuator.

A general advantage of the Pentair Südmo Control Valve design is the fact that SVP units with a digital control top and control membrane with an electropneumatic positioner are interchangeable (even subsequently).

Further the two variants of Mixing and Diverting Control Valves ideally complete the programme. The concept brings together two single control valves to one three way valve. Depending on the requirement and fitted with the appropriate inserts either a mixing of two volume flows or a diverting of one media in two pipelines can be realized.