SÜDMO Non-Return Valves
Südmo Non-return Valves M2010 provide easy to integrate, robust, durable and easy to maintain simple solution that doesn’t require pneumatic actuation or automation.

Product Description


  • Low set pressure of 0.04 bar (0.6 psi)
  • Non-return valves with hygienic design for optimised clean ability
  • Horizontal and vertical installation options
  • Easy to remove from the pipe line
  • No special tools required for service
  • Very good CV values
Pentair Sudmo’s non-return valves feature a hygienic design and use seal materials that conform to FDA requirements. Only O-rings with leak-proof grooves are used in the valves.
The minimum number of sealing elements in the product space, optimum valve plate guidance with outside pins and valve plate centering without additional guidance elements. The Südmo design assures good running properties in flowthrough, long service life and easy maintenance of our non-return valves.