Tetra Pak Sanitary Ball Valve
SBV is a sanitary ball valve designed for use as a product valve. The full bore design with zero flow restriction makes SBV the optimum choice for viscous or particulate liquids. A precision made ball with a bore is positioned inside the valve body between two flanges and two PTFE valve seats. A 90° rotation of the valve stem is transferred to the ball and thereby opening or closing the valve.

Product Description

SBV is operated by a pneumatic actuator or manually operated by means of a handle. SBV consists of a valve body, two flanges, PTFE valve seats, ball, stem unit and a handle or bonnet and actuator unit. SBV is a full bore valve with a constant pipeline diameter and a flow restriction comparable to that of a straight tube. A special selected PTFE material grade secures long lifetime of the product wetted seals. Reliable valve stem sealing is achieved by the use of spring loaded and self adjusting seal rings. The standard actuator is prepared for position indication with inductive proximity switches. A special actuator (option) is designed for mounting of the ThinkTop®.

The actuator is maintenance free. Two inspection holes in the bonnet connecting valve body and actuator allow for easy inspection of the stem seal tightness. Actuated valves are delivered NC (normally closed) and are easily rebuilt to NO (normally open). The stainless steel handle for manual operation mechanically locks the valve in open or closed position. The valve is assembled with screws for easy inspection and maintenance.


Manually operated
Connection: Welding endsTetra pak, Sanitary, Ball
Material: 1.4404 (316L)
Seals: EPDM

Air-operated, NC, prepared for ThinkTop
Connection: Welding ends
Material: 1.4404 (316L)
Seals: EPDMTetra pak, Sanitary, Ball